Increase Your Workouts with NO2

Discover How You Can Increase Your Workouts with Nitric Oxide Supplements | Nitric Oxide Side Effects

As a practitioner of routine intense training, we presume your main goal is to constantly increment the load your body is capable of enduring, and to increase your physical prowess, and to do so while avoiding the all to demotivating feeling of burning out. This has been achieved by few in the past, but recently it has become readily possible for anyone. The times of of confused would-be bodybuilders misusing supplements is over. This article serves to help you get your bearings in the world of Nitric Oxide supplements, and maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your workout sessions using this molecule.

How it Works

Discover How You Can Increase Your Workouts with Nitric Oxide Supplements | Nitric Oxide Side EffectsNitric Oxide is a signaling molecule, meaning that it works as a form of communication between different body parts, allowing it to stop, start or change the way they work. Nitric Oxide is secreted naturally by most mammals, humans included, but in rather small amounts. Nitric Oxide has effects that can affect every part of our body, but the most notable one is its effects on the circulatory system. The cardiovascular effects of Nitric Oxide include vasodilation, which basically is the widening of the blood vessels and capillaries. This allows for increased blood flow. Now that we have established what Nitric Oxide does, let’s look at the way muscles work.

When subjected to intense training, our muscle tissue is torn, and microscopic rips appear all over it. While most tissue relies on fusing together again to heal, muscle tissue instead focuses on filling the wound with new tissue, making the muscle stronger and bigger in the process. This occurs the same way any other natural healing process in our body does, and requires oxygen and nutrients to take place. This oxygen and nutrient load is delivered by red blood cells. If we put the widened blood vessels and increased blood flow we achieved with Nitric Oxide and the muscle healing process together, we have quicker muscle buildup. When we train on muscle that are in an already torn state, we do more harm than good. Nitric Oxide decreases the time our muscles need to regenerate and heal. This means we can exercise more often effectively, without doing permanent harm to our muscles.

Benefits of Nitric Oxide

Discover How You Can Increase Your Workouts with Nitric Oxide Supplements | Nitric Oxide Side EffectsThe beneficial effects of Nitric Oxide are substantial, and you’ll be guaranteed to begin noticing these effects soon after beginning the use of Nitric Oxide. The following are the reasons why Nitric Oxide will transform your workout routine.

Vasodilation – As explained in detail previously, vasodilation is the expansion of the blood vessels that allows for a significantly higher amount of blood flow. This means increased oxygen and nutrient transport, which in turn allows for longer sessions.

Metabolism – Nitric Oxide, through vasodilation, allows your body to process and make use of nutrients and oxygen better and faster, allowing for increased endurance and and overal health improvement.

Increased Muscle Mass – Nitric Oxide’s widening of the blood vessels is in direct relation to getting even larger msucles.

The increased amount of oxygen and nutrients will cause the natural healing mechanism of our body to fill the wounds causes by training with much more tissue.

Are N.O. Supplements Dangerous?

Are Nitric Oxide Supplements Dangerous?

Nitric Oxide, also known as Nitrogen Oxide or Nitrogen Monoxide, abbreviated as NO, is an important signaling molecule found in most mammals, and is crucial in the successful and healthy performance of various pathological and physiological functions in our body. Nitric Oxide has multiple beneficial effects on our health, and has a tendency to continually surprise scientists as research progresses through the years. Because of this, Nitric Oxide has been subject to extensive scrutiny and study, so much so that the findings of three young scientists won them a Nobel Prize in 1998.

Are Nitric Oxide Supplements Dangerous? | WeightTraining.comNitric Oxide has a tendency to be often confused by people with nitrous oxide, which is a dental anesthetic  or with nitromethane, which is used as a combustible fuel. As is the case with supplements of any kind, for any substance, it is very important to read and learn recommended instructions for dosage, and this is doubly true for Nitric Oxide. Most potential side effects of supplements can generally be avoided when following the manufacturer’s instructions. Nitric Oxide is a substance that is naturally secreted by our bodies, and has multiple beneficial effects. Primary among these are its cardiovascular properties. Nitric Oxide performs multiple functions in relation to our circulatory system, meaning heart, blood vessels and the blood itself.

One such function, is the lowering of blood pressure, which is achieved through vasodilation, meaning that the diameter of the blood vessels is widened. Therefore, if the Nitric Oxide level of your blood is too high, it can lead to a drastic drop in blood pressure. To ensure that your training is as effective as it possibly can be, you need to ensure that you have an adequate diet, sufficient regenerative time between sessions, and that use make proper use of beneficial supplements, Nitric Oxide being one of them.

Nitric Oxide – What it is

Are Nitric Oxide Supplements Dangerous? | WeightTraining.comNitric Oxide is what we call a signaling molecule, meaning that its function is to relay signals from various body parts to each other, thus activating, deactivating, pausing, resuming or altering the function of these body parts. This gas is primarily composed of  L-arginine, which is classified as an amino acid. Several prescription medications, used to treat a wide range of diseases, such as impotence and some cardiovascular ailments, make extensive use of Nitric Oxide. As Nitric Oxide is in a gaseous state, Nitric Oxide supplements work by containing large amounts of the amino acid that produces it. Thus this amino acid will begin producing Nitric Oxide inside your body. Ginseng and Cacao also have the property of increasing Nitric Oxide levels in our body, among others.

Nitric Oxide has several beneficial effects throughout your body, such as bolstering the immune system, and can also help combat inflammations, making it useful against arthritis, for example. One function mentioned previously, vasodilation, can be of great help to anyone suffering from high blood pressure, since the expansion of blood vessels is precisely what lowers blood pressure.

How the ‘Pump’ Powers Muscle Growth

How The Pump Powers Muscle Growth: Break Through With Benefits Of NO!

Hyperemia, also known as “the pump” in the bodybuilding world, is considered extremely important for muscle growth. It happens when, during intense training, blood flow is diverted from non-crucial bodily functions which do not take an active part in the work-out, into the muscles. Blood, before passing into the muscles, becomes oxygenated by the alveoli in the lungs through the process of gaseous exchange. This oxygenated blood is then stockpiled in the working muscles, filling them to maximum capacity, resulting in the feeling that gave the phenomenon its name. Feeling the pump is considered one of the most motivating sensations by most bodybuilders, to the point that despite having the long-term goal of drastically increasing muscle mass, when they enter the gym, pursuit of the feeling of the pump is all that occupies their mind. - How The Pump Powers Muscle Growth: Break Through With Benefits Of NO!Other than the obvious psychological motivation and visual benefits, hyperemia and  vasodilation also has another major advantage : promoted muscle growth. Hyperaemia, the scientific classification of exercise-induced hyperemia, meaning “the pump”, is crucial for providing the muscles with the ideal environment (anabolic) for promoted muscle growth.

How it Works

One of the most important components of Hyperaemia is Nitric Oxide, which is a signaling molecule found in mammals. Nitric Oxide is secreted in small quantities by our body naturally, and it positively effects muscle growth due to its cardiovascular properties. Nitric Oxide is released into the bloodstream during intense exercise, and this results in what is called vasodilation. The diameter of the blood vessels is expanded to allow for increased blood flow, meaning that an increased amount of red blood cells will reach their target, carrying vital oxygen, nutrients and energy. This, in turn allows for more-intense exercise, which then leads to more Nitric Oxide secretion. - How The Pump Powers Muscle Growth: Break Through With Benefits Of NO!This launches the body into a self-perpetuating loop, and yet the levels of Nitric Oxide our body produces is still pretty low. Another way the Nitric Oxide helps with bodybuilding, is with muscle regeneration. As most of you probably know, the way muscle growth works, is that during intense training we literally rip our muscles, causing tiny, microscopic tears in the tissue. As opposed to most tissue found in the human body which heals itself by simply fusing together, muscle tissue fills the tears with new mass, thus allowing the muscle to endure more next time it is used, and increasing its size. For the work-out to be effective, it is of paramount importance to allow the muscle to rest, otherwise the healing will not take place. When Nitric Oxide expands the blood vessles, and increased amount of oxygen and nutrients can reach the muscle in question, this healing period is significantly reduced. When the healing time between two work out sessions is reduced, logically, the frequency of the sessions can be increased in accordance with the shortening of the regenerative period.

Combining the three factors of high intensity training, reduced down time between sessions, and the phenomenon of the pump, will lead to quick results.

Benefits of Nitric Oxide for Athletes

Benefits of Nitric Oxide (NO) for Athletes

Nitric Oxide, often abbreviated as NO, or referred to by its other names nitrogen monoxide or nitrogen oxide, is a molecule that performs crucial signalling functions in our bodies, and participate in numerous physiological and pathological processes in all mammals, including humans. Nitric Oxide is secreted by our bodies naturally, but in pretty low quantities, meaning we can enhance the beneficial effects of Nitric Oxide through dietary supplementation. The most notable of Nitric Oxide’s health benefits are cardiovascular in nature. While the molecule can, on occasion, bolster your nerves and lungs, its effects on the heart are the most significant.

Benefits of Nitric Oxide (NO) for AthletesNitric Oxide is naturally released during intense physical strain, and thus, it dilates (increases the diameter) of the blood vessels, allowing more blood to circulate. Since it is the red blood cells that carry oxygen, nutrients and energy all over the body, this process allows for prolonged sessions, which, in turn, lead to your body generating more Nitric Oxide, As you can see, this kicks off a loop, where more exercise leads to more Nitric Oxide which leads to more exercise which leads to more Nitric Oxide and so on and so on.

However, even with this self-perpetuating cycle, the amount of Nitric Oxide we naturally secrete is still low.

Cardiovascular Benefits of Nitric Oxide

Cardiovascular Benefits of Nitric OxideAs a signaling molecule, the basis of Nitric Oxide’s function to to command the body when to do and when not to do certain particular actions. Nitric Oxide is gaseous, with an elimination half-life of 2 to 6 seconds. High levels of Nitric Oxide in the blood lead to the expansion of the diameter of the blood vessels, as well as the capillaries, which increases the rate at which the blood flows, thus increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen, nutrients and energy that reaches the various parts of our body. This process is called vasodilatation, which basically means the widening of blood vessels. Since its discovery, Nitric Oxide continues to surprise scientists and researchers on a regular basis. This tendency  is encouraging perpetual study of the molecule. Most recently, it has been proven that Nitric Oxide doen’t only affect our body’s cardiovascular functions.

Frequent boosting of the Nitric Oxide levels in our body through supplementation can serve to optimize biological functions of all kinds. This, while obviously also contributing to the molecule’s value for athletes, also makes it valuable for everyone, as it can affect longevity in a positive manner.

Various Benefits of Nitric Oxide

As we touched upon previously, the health benefits of Nitric Oxide stretch beyond its cardiovascular properties, which are made possible through the expansion of blood vessels. While these properties are remarkable on their own, they are far from the full extent of Nitric Oxide’s benefits. Increasing the level on Nitric Oxide in our blood stream can have long-reaching and universal health benefits, impacting various aspects of our bodies such as the nervous and immune system, the lungs, and the nervous system. It seems Nitric Oxide truly is a very versatile molecule.

N.O. Supplementation for Added Endurance

Nitric Oxide Supplementation for Increased Endurance uscle

Nitric Oxide (chemical formula : NO) is a crucial cellular signaling molecule, that plays a role in several physiological and pathological processes. This molecule is naturally secreted by our bodies, but in very low quantities. Natural Nitric Oxide levels in our body can be enlarged through frequent physical strain. One of Nitric Oxide’s many functions is expanding the diameter of the blood vessels.  Our Nitric Oxide level can also be influenced by taking certain kinds of amino acids, specifically, L-citrulline and L-arginine.

Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric Oxide Supplementation for Increased Endurance | Breaking MuscleSeveral Nitric Oxide supplements are composed of very similar ingredients, with largely identical formulas, and interchangeable amounts of the various components. These supplements seek to significantly increase Nitric Oxide levels in our body by mixing together L-arginine (about 3,000mg), L-citrulline (about 100mg), and alpha-lipoic acid (50mg). Nitric Oxide supplements generally come in three forms, pills, soluble powder, and pre-prepared drinks. While each supplement is different and generally has its own set of dosage guidelines, the typical dosage that usually works with every brand of supplement is two pills a day (provided the particular supplement in question comes in pill form). To get the recommended daily amount of Nitric Oxide to your body, it is suggested to consume at least 15 grams of L-arginine, taken in equally divided doses three times each day. These ingredients, working together will provide anyone with an elevated level of Nitric Oxide in their body.

Nitric Oxide in FoodNitric Oxide Supplementation for Increased Endurance | Breaking Muscle

It is also possible to increase Nitric Oxide levels through nutrition. Juicing and drinking mixtures of various vegetables and fruits, primarily spinach, will provide you with a healthy nutrition bomb that is guaranteed to significantly increase your Nitric Oxide levels. Drinking juice made of typically Nitric Oxide rich plants can boost training-time and stamina by an additional sixteen percent.

Benefits of Nitric Oxide

An increased level on Nitric Oxide in your body can have a plethora of beneficial effects in the long run. Thanks to the molecule’s blood-vessel expanding property, it is a popular bodybuilding drug. You gain larger muscle mass through exercise by literally ripping your muscle tissue apart on a microscopic level by subjecting your body to intense training. Instead of simply fusing together like most tissue, muscles instead generate new tissue to fill up the gaps cause by the exercise. This way the muscle will be able to endure more punishment the next time around, and it will increase in size. One mistake many eager rookies make when exercising is not letting their body rest, because they think that “more exercise equals more muscle” is always true.

Nitric Oxide, at the sufficient quantity, significantly decreases the healing time of muscles, and thus allows for more frequent effective training sessions. As a cellular signaling molecule, Nitric Oxide also has numerous other health benefits as well, like bolstering our immune systems, managing blood pressure levels, and alleviating sleeplessness. It is important to keep in mind the golden rule of supplements : they won’t do the work for you.

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