How The Pump Powers Muscle Growth: Break Through With Benefits Of NO!

Hyperemia, also known as “the pump” in the bodybuilding world, is considered extremely important for muscle growth. It happens when, during intense training, blood flow is diverted from non-crucial bodily functions which do not take an active part in the work-out, into the muscles. Blood, before passing into the muscles, becomes oxygenated by the alveoli in the lungs through the process of gaseous exchange. This oxygenated blood is then stockpiled in the working muscles, filling them to maximum capacity, resulting in the feeling that gave the phenomenon its name. Feeling the pump is considered one of the most motivating sensations by most bodybuilders, to the point that despite having the long-term goal of drastically increasing muscle mass, when they enter the gym, pursuit of the feeling of the pump is all that occupies their mind. - How The Pump Powers Muscle Growth: Break Through With Benefits Of NO!Other than the obvious psychological motivation and visual benefits, hyperemia and  vasodilation also has another major advantage : promoted muscle growth. Hyperaemia, the scientific classification of exercise-induced hyperemia, meaning “the pump”, is crucial for providing the muscles with the ideal environment (anabolic) for promoted muscle growth.

How it Works

One of the most important components of Hyperaemia is Nitric Oxide, which is a signaling molecule found in mammals. Nitric Oxide is secreted in small quantities by our body naturally, and it positively effects muscle growth due to its cardiovascular properties. Nitric Oxide is released into the bloodstream during intense exercise, and this results in what is called vasodilation. The diameter of the blood vessels is expanded to allow for increased blood flow, meaning that an increased amount of red blood cells will reach their target, carrying vital oxygen, nutrients and energy. This, in turn allows for more-intense exercise, which then leads to more Nitric Oxide secretion. - How The Pump Powers Muscle Growth: Break Through With Benefits Of NO!This launches the body into a self-perpetuating loop, and yet the levels of Nitric Oxide our body produces is still pretty low. Another way the Nitric Oxide helps with bodybuilding, is with muscle regeneration. As most of you probably know, the way muscle growth works, is that during intense training we literally rip our muscles, causing tiny, microscopic tears in the tissue. As opposed to most tissue found in the human body which heals itself by simply fusing together, muscle tissue fills the tears with new mass, thus allowing the muscle to endure more next time it is used, and increasing its size. For the work-out to be effective, it is of paramount importance to allow the muscle to rest, otherwise the healing will not take place. When Nitric Oxide expands the blood vessles, and increased amount of oxygen and nutrients can reach the muscle in question, this healing period is significantly reduced. When the healing time between two work out sessions is reduced, logically, the frequency of the sessions can be increased in accordance with the shortening of the regenerative period.

Combining the three factors of high intensity training, reduced down time between sessions, and the phenomenon of the pump, will lead to quick results.