Boost Nitric Oxide Levels to Improve Health

Humanity has been aware of the beneficial effects Nitric Oxide has on our health for a long time prior to the discovery that the substance is naturally generated by our bodies in a small quantity. Certain diseases, such as high blood pressure and Angina, have been treated with Nitroglycerin as early as in 1880. Nitroglycerin affected the pathways of Nitric Oxide, but almost a century passed while people were using the substance and enjoying its benefits without having any clue as to why it works.

Nitric Oxide’s discovery, as well as its beneficial biological effects, was such a momentous event in history, that it won the three researchers studying it the prestigious Nobel Prize in 1998. This molecule is extremely versatile, with numerous health benefits we can enjoy. Let’s have a look as to what these benefits are in more detail.

Boost Nitric Oxide Levels to Improve HealthNitric Oxide and its benefits

Nitric Oxide, also known as Nitrogen Oxide and Nitric Monoxide, is a crucial signaling molecule found in most mammals, including humans, in which int performs vital pathological and physiological functions. It is produced by Nitric Oxide synthase, an enzyme found in the lining of the blood vessels, which is called the endothelium.

One of Nitric Oxide’s most apparent effects is so-called vasodilation, which is the widening of the blood vessels, this is achieved by the penetration of the underlying smooth musculature. This makes it clear that Nitric Oxide has an extremely crucial function in blood pressure, as well as circulation in general. Another benefit of Nitric Oxide is that it protects the tissue from whence it came, the endothelium.

Boost Nitric Oxide Levels to Improve HealthThe main, underlying cause of most heart diseases and cardiovascular disorders is endothelial dysfunction coupled with the body’s diminished ability to generate Nitric Oxide, which is collectively called atherosclerosis. Just like in the case of the “more exercise equals more Nitric Oxide equals more exercise equals more Nitric Oxide” loop, this can lead the body to enter a detrimental loop of lowered Nitric Oxide production, which leads to more damage, which leads to even less Nitric Oxide, which once again leads to more damage, and so on. If the vicious loop goes on for too long, symptoms such as hypertension may be observed, as well as dangerous cardiac events.

The effects Nitric Oxide has on the body and circulatory systems makes it apparent just why nitroglycerin is so suitable for the treatment of a disease like Angina. The substance promotes the generation of Nitric Oxide, which cause vasodilation, meaning that the diameter of arteries is increased.

The coronary arteries are no exception, and with their widening, the heart can receive the needed oxygen and nutrients. Increased amounts of Nitric Oxide are also perfect for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Most medications to treat erectile dysfunction, as well as male enhancement drugs, work on the principle of drastically increasing the Nitric Oxide levels of the blood, which increases blood flow to the penis, resulting in significantly improved erections.