Getting in Shape: Don’t Forget the Nitric Oxide

Regardless of whether you are already working out intensely and frequently and want  to get even more out of your training routine, or you’re only just now jumping into the world of fitness, training and working out, Nitric Oxide is of paramount importance for your swift and hard-earned success. In some recent medical news, Nitric Oxide has enjoyed the spotlight for its extensive benefits for the treatment of high blood pressure and other diseases that ail the crucial circulatory system. However, what has been getting significantly less attention, is Nitric Oxide’s use as a bodybuilding and work out supplement. Nitric Oxide’s many beneficial effects can help you drastically increase the length and intensity of your work out sessions, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your training regimen.

Sources of Nitric Oxide

Getting in Shape: Don't forget the Nitric Oxide | Neogenis LabsNitric Oxide is naturally secreted by our bodies, as it is a very important signaling molecule, and a key element of several pathological and physiological processes and functions within our bodies. The gaseous Nitric Oxide is generated within our boides by a particular type of amino acid, which is called L-arginine. This substance, when ingested, is immediately converted into Nitric Oxide, and begins to exact its beneficial effects instantly. Our bodies’ ability to generate Nitric Oxide depends greatly on our diet, level of fitness and even age. Factors such as an unhealthy diet, significant amounts of excess weight, unhealthy activities such as smoking, and old age will all drastically reduce the amount of Nitric Oxide your body can produce natrually, on its own. You can check out your Nitric Oxide levels with a home-use test strip.

Adjusting your Diet

Getting in Shape: Don't forget the Nitric Oxide | Neogenis LabsOne of the easiest, quickest and simplest ways of increasing your body’s capacity to generate Nitric Oxide levels is adjust your diet accordingly, making sure to eliminate any unhealthy factors as quickly and completely as possible. Foods that include large amounts of radishes, kale and beets are necessary for the killer Nitric Oxide promoting diet. Processed foods are generally discouraged, so make sure to get rid of as many of those from your diet as humanly possible. One of the easiest ways of determining whether or not a particular food is good for the promotion of Nitric Oxide generation is by simply looking at it. Brightly colored, fresh foods are usually the ones containing the most of the nutrients your body needs to ensure a maximized Nitric Oxide output. Another important factor is chewing. You might roll your eyes at this, dismissing it as obvious, but you’d be surprised. Most humans make the mistake of not chewing their food sufficiently.

This is detrimental because the conversion of nutrients to Nitric Oxide begin in your mouth, with the help of saliva, and this process cannot function properly without the food being chewed sufficiently.

Once this is achieved, there are still more options to make sure your Nitric Oxide generative capabilities are at their absolute peak. If you smoke, you really should stop, to begin. Then, make sure to exercise more regularly. But one of the most important methods is adding a Nitric Oxide supplement to your diet.

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