Nitric Oxide Supplementation for Increased Endurance uscle

Nitric Oxide (chemical formula : NO) is a crucial cellular signaling molecule, that plays a role in several physiological and pathological processes. This molecule is naturally secreted by our bodies, but in very low quantities. Natural Nitric Oxide levels in our body can be enlarged through frequent physical strain. One of Nitric Oxide’s many functions is expanding the diameter of the blood vessels.  Our Nitric Oxide level can also be influenced by taking certain kinds of amino acids, specifically, L-citrulline and L-arginine.

Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric Oxide Supplementation for Increased Endurance | Breaking MuscleSeveral Nitric Oxide supplements are composed of very similar ingredients, with largely identical formulas, and interchangeable amounts of the various components. These supplements seek to significantly increase Nitric Oxide levels in our body by mixing together L-arginine (about 3,000mg), L-citrulline (about 100mg), and alpha-lipoic acid (50mg). Nitric Oxide supplements generally come in three forms, pills, soluble powder, and pre-prepared drinks. While each supplement is different and generally has its own set of dosage guidelines, the typical dosage that usually works with every brand of supplement is two pills a day (provided the particular supplement in question comes in pill form). To get the recommended daily amount of Nitric Oxide to your body, it is suggested to consume at least 15 grams of L-arginine, taken in equally divided doses three times each day. These ingredients, working together will provide anyone with an elevated level of Nitric Oxide in their body.

Nitric Oxide in FoodNitric Oxide Supplementation for Increased Endurance | Breaking Muscle

It is also possible to increase Nitric Oxide levels through nutrition. Juicing and drinking mixtures of various vegetables and fruits, primarily spinach, will provide you with a healthy nutrition bomb that is guaranteed to significantly increase your Nitric Oxide levels. Drinking juice made of typically Nitric Oxide rich plants can boost training-time and stamina by an additional sixteen percent.

Benefits of Nitric Oxide

An increased level on Nitric Oxide in your body can have a plethora of beneficial effects in the long run. Thanks to the molecule’s blood-vessel expanding property, it is a popular bodybuilding drug. You gain larger muscle mass through exercise by literally ripping your muscle tissue apart on a microscopic level by subjecting your body to intense training. Instead of simply fusing together like most tissue, muscles instead generate new tissue to fill up the gaps cause by the exercise. This way the muscle will be able to endure more punishment the next time around, and it will increase in size. One mistake many eager rookies make when exercising is not letting their body rest, because they think that “more exercise equals more muscle” is always true.

Nitric Oxide, at the sufficient quantity, significantly decreases the healing time of muscles, and thus allows for more frequent effective training sessions. As a cellular signaling molecule, Nitric Oxide also has numerous other health benefits as well, like bolstering our immune systems, managing blood pressure levels, and alleviating sleeplessness. It is important to keep in mind the golden rule of supplements : they won’t do the work for you.

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