Determining The Best Pre-workout Supplement

Determining The Best Pre-workout Supplement For You

There are so many pre-workout supplements on the market today that the consumer can get caught up quickly in trying to find out what supplement is best for their body. Some pre-workout supplements claim to be all natural, swearing to their effectiveness, yet when you do further research on half of their ingredients, you find so many questionable details that you almost end up giving up.

Pre-workout SupplementBut it does not have to be like that. Not everything out there will have you running for the hills! The ideal way of sorting out this supplements is determining what your personal needs are and what is most important to you while working out. Do you want your heart beating so hard in your chest that you can make a beat drum kit out of it, or do you want just to feel the sweat coming down your face and feel accomplished that you probably shed some pounds in that workout?

We all have personal endeavors in our workouts. You only have to figure out if the pre- workout supplement is going to give you what you perceive as great. Perception, as they say, is reality.

Achieving Stimulation

I would be lying if I told you that there are some pre- workout supplements out there that don’t have caffeine or the likes of caffeine. They are called stimulants for a reason and that is to stimulate your body metabolism into achieving maximum energy for an intense workout.

Pre-workout SupplementWhat you probably would do is alternate the different kinds of pre- workout supplements you get so that there is a level of balance in your body. Instead of pumping yourself with the same enhancing stimulant everyday, take a breather and get familiar with another one so that there is a variety of different kind of experiences in your workouts. Just be sure not to mix them altogether!

Low dosage is the way to go, especially if you are a beginner. Most companies by the way, will not be frank on how much caffeine they are putting in their product, so that is why you have to be fully informed in what you are consuming. Too much caffeine can cause health complications to your body in the long run.

Building Resistance

Most ingredients in pre- workout supplements are without mincing my words; chemicals. So, if you are a pre-workout supplement lover, you might want to think about that. But on the other hand, some things may be beneficial, while offering minimal disadvantages, so that should not be the point. The point is looking for something that will do the trick.

Dimethylamylamine is one of those stimulants less stronger than caffeine, but will last longer while one with the caffeine effects crashes quicker. Building resistance is an on going process, but with time, this will happen. Your body ends up building a tolerance level that they actually stop being as effective.

You have to take this supplement with the utmost care. Everyday does not have to be supplement day.

Boost Nitric Oxide Levels to Improve Health

Boost Nitric Oxide Levels to Improve Health

Humanity has been aware of the beneficial effects Nitric Oxide has on our health for a long time prior to the discovery that the substance is naturally generated by our bodies in a small quantity. Certain diseases, such as high blood pressure and Angina, have been treated with Nitroglycerin as early as in 1880. Nitroglycerin affected the pathways of Nitric Oxide, but almost a century passed while people were using the substance and enjoying its benefits without having any clue as to why it works.

Nitric Oxide’s discovery, as well as its beneficial biological effects, was such a momentous event in history, that it won the three researchers studying it the prestigious Nobel Prize in 1998. This molecule is extremely versatile, with numerous health benefits we can enjoy. Let’s have a look as to what these benefits are in more detail.

Boost Nitric Oxide Levels to Improve HealthNitric Oxide and its benefits

Nitric Oxide, also known as Nitrogen Oxide and Nitric Monoxide, is a crucial signaling molecule found in most mammals, including humans, in which int performs vital pathological and physiological functions. It is produced by Nitric Oxide synthase, an enzyme found in the lining of the blood vessels, which is called the endothelium.

One of Nitric Oxide’s most apparent effects is so-called vasodilation, which is the widening of the blood vessels, this is achieved by the penetration of the underlying smooth musculature. This makes it clear that Nitric Oxide has an extremely crucial function in blood pressure, as well as circulation in general. Another benefit of Nitric Oxide is that it protects the tissue from whence it came, the endothelium.

Boost Nitric Oxide Levels to Improve HealthThe main, underlying cause of most heart diseases and cardiovascular disorders is endothelial dysfunction coupled with the body’s diminished ability to generate Nitric Oxide, which is collectively called atherosclerosis. Just like in the case of the “more exercise equals more Nitric Oxide equals more exercise equals more Nitric Oxide” loop, this can lead the body to enter a detrimental loop of lowered Nitric Oxide production, which leads to more damage, which leads to even less Nitric Oxide, which once again leads to more damage, and so on. If the vicious loop goes on for too long, symptoms such as hypertension may be observed, as well as dangerous cardiac events.

The effects Nitric Oxide has on the body and circulatory systems makes it apparent just why nitroglycerin is so suitable for the treatment of a disease like Angina. The substance promotes the generation of Nitric Oxide, which cause vasodilation, meaning that the diameter of arteries is increased.

The coronary arteries are no exception, and with their widening, the heart can receive the needed oxygen and nutrients. Increased amounts of Nitric Oxide are also perfect for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Most medications to treat erectile dysfunction, as well as male enhancement drugs, work on the principle of drastically increasing the Nitric Oxide levels of the blood, which increases blood flow to the penis, resulting in significantly improved erections.

Nitric Oxide: The New Hero of Human Biology

Nitric Oxide: The New Hero of Human Biology

As it turns out, additional exercise has more benefits than just getting you into shape quicker. While a few more lifts or another push-up or two might get you that satisfying burning feeling of obliterating those pesky calories, recent studies show that intense training significantly increase the body’s natural secretion of Nitric Oxide, a gaseous signaling molecule that is generated naturally in most mammals, humans included, but at low quantities. Nitric Oxide is a very versatile substance, and is key in numerous crucial bodily functions. Nitric Oxide also has countless health benefits, both on the long and short term. One of the substance’s main spheres of influence is the circulatory system, as Nitric Oxide has significant cardiovascular functions. One of these, if not the most important, is its contribution to the prevention of heart diseases.

Nitric Oxide: The New Hero of Human Biology | Psychology TodayA researcher from a notable university shared his team’s findings, which indicate that Nitric Oxide’s presence, or absence, can have very long-reaching effects. Nitric Oxide is an antiatherogenic, but only slightly. Despite this, it is important for the health of our circulatory system because, as it is naturally secreted, it is present constantly, and therefore its effects are significant. Your diet, exercise regiment and general amount of stress all contribute to a fourty year process, of which Nitric Oxide is a key element. Increased amount and intensity of exercise can significantly increase your body’s capacity to generate Nitric Oxide, by increasing the amount of the substance’s respective synthase enzyme, which is responsible for converting the amino acid L-arginine into the precious sought after Nitric Oxide.

The researchers have determined in their preliminary report that the beneficial and preventative effects of Nitric Oxide can be best seen in individuals classified as “at-risk”, meaning they are more susceptible to heart disease than others. This was proven by the increased reactivity in brachial arteries shown in blood tests done after a work out session. This increase, in some cases, could almost reach a doubling. This proved that those closer to developing heart disease will derive more benefits from additional exercise, though it is still very helpful for everyone.

healthy_heartTo help you to better understand how exactly Nitric Oxide helps in the prevention of heart disease, let us explain. Additional training of increased intensity will significantly boost Nitric Oxide amounts in what is called the endothelium, which is what lines the walls of your arteries. A pre-symptom of heart disease in many cases is damage to this lining. Nitric Oxide, when introduced to the blood, keeps red blood cells apart, preventing them from aggregating, which stops them from getting stuck on the walls of the vessel. Another function of Nitric Oxide is the control of vascular tone, which enables the relaxed arteries to remain clean.

Since this plethora of beneficial effects has been discovered, Nitric Oxide is looked upon as something of a “hero” in the medical world. While it wasn’t always so, the true benefits of Nitric Oxide were a discovery so substantial, that it won the scientists a Nobel Prize.

Nitric Oxide & Getting in Shape

Getting in Shape: Don’t Forget the Nitric Oxide

Regardless of whether you are already working out intensely and frequently and want  to get even more out of your training routine, or you’re only just now jumping into the world of fitness, training and working out, Nitric Oxide is of paramount importance for your swift and hard-earned success. In some recent medical news, Nitric Oxide has enjoyed the spotlight for its extensive benefits for the treatment of high blood pressure and other diseases that ail the crucial circulatory system. However, what has been getting significantly less attention, is Nitric Oxide’s use as a bodybuilding and work out supplement. Nitric Oxide’s many beneficial effects can help you drastically increase the length and intensity of your work out sessions, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your training regimen.

Sources of Nitric Oxide

Getting in Shape: Don't forget the Nitric Oxide | Neogenis LabsNitric Oxide is naturally secreted by our bodies, as it is a very important signaling molecule, and a key element of several pathological and physiological processes and functions within our bodies. The gaseous Nitric Oxide is generated within our boides by a particular type of amino acid, which is called L-arginine. This substance, when ingested, is immediately converted into Nitric Oxide, and begins to exact its beneficial effects instantly. Our bodies’ ability to generate Nitric Oxide depends greatly on our diet, level of fitness and even age. Factors such as an unhealthy diet, significant amounts of excess weight, unhealthy activities such as smoking, and old age will all drastically reduce the amount of Nitric Oxide your body can produce natrually, on its own. You can check out your Nitric Oxide levels with a home-use test strip.

Adjusting your Diet

Getting in Shape: Don't forget the Nitric Oxide | Neogenis LabsOne of the easiest, quickest and simplest ways of increasing your body’s capacity to generate Nitric Oxide levels is adjust your diet accordingly, making sure to eliminate any unhealthy factors as quickly and completely as possible. Foods that include large amounts of radishes, kale and beets are necessary for the killer Nitric Oxide promoting diet. Processed foods are generally discouraged, so make sure to get rid of as many of those from your diet as humanly possible. One of the easiest ways of determining whether or not a particular food is good for the promotion of Nitric Oxide generation is by simply looking at it. Brightly colored, fresh foods are usually the ones containing the most of the nutrients your body needs to ensure a maximized Nitric Oxide output. Another important factor is chewing. You might roll your eyes at this, dismissing it as obvious, but you’d be surprised. Most humans make the mistake of not chewing their food sufficiently.

This is detrimental because the conversion of nutrients to Nitric Oxide begin in your mouth, with the help of saliva, and this process cannot function properly without the food being chewed sufficiently.

Once this is achieved, there are still more options to make sure your Nitric Oxide generative capabilities are at their absolute peak. If you smoke, you really should stop, to begin. Then, make sure to exercise more regularly. But one of the most important methods is adding a Nitric Oxide supplement to your diet.

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Maximize Your Workout With N.O.

How Nitric Oxide Supplements Help You When Working Out

Anyone who decides to travel down the hard and long path of getting fit and in shape is a person deserving of respect. Working towards this noble goal will allow you to be a strong support for those people who are depending on you and turn to you for help. However, this arduous path of training need not be as hard and as long. You can maximize your efficiency and the effectiveness of your work-out sessions to help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted, and to keep yourself at the peak of health. This can be achieved through dietary supplements, most notably, with Nitric Oxide supplements.

How Nitric Oxide Supplements Help You When Working Out | Nitric Oxide Side EffectsNitric Oxide is naturally secreted by our bodies, but in low quantities. Nitric Oxide supplements provide our body with large amounts of L-arginine, which is the amino acid responsible for the generation of the gaseous Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide works in the bodies of most mammals, humans included, as a signaling molecule, controlling the function of various bodily functions, primary among them, the circulatory system. Nitric Oxide has significant cardiovascular effects. It is responsible for the expansion of the diameter of the blood vessels, which allows for increased blood flow. This, in turn, allows for more oxygen, nutrients and energy to reach various body parts. This is called vasodilation, and enables our bodies to withstand much more punishment, and to endure significantly longer work out sessions. It is in this way that Nitric Oxide drastically promotes muscle growth.

Dosage of Nitric Oxide supplementation

How Nitric Oxide Supplements Help You When Working Out | Nitric Oxide Side EffectsTo enjoy the benefits of Nitric Oxide to its maximum effect, it is important to take the L-argnine supplements thrice daily, with breakfast and dinner, as well as right before you begin the workout session. The morning dose will prepare the body for the day’s training, as well as result in an overall improved metabolism. The dose taken right before training will allow the immediate effects of Nitric Oxide on muscle mass growth to be seen. The last dose will allow for the body’s nocturnal healing mechanism to repair the muscles torn during the workout, allowing for a maximum-effect training session the next day.

How Nitric Oxide Works

Nitric Oxide is a crucial signaling molecule, and is responsible for multiple functions throughout our body. Nitric Oxide is naturally produced by our bodies, but at very low amounts. The way Nitric Oxide increases the rate of muscle growth, is by dilating the blood vessels and capillaries, thus allowing for increased blood flow, meaning more red blood cells, meaning more energy, oxygen and nutrients. This helps muscle growth in two ways. Firstly, it allows for longer and more intense work out sessions, because it supplies the muscles with more energy, oxygen and nutrients. The other way is related to how muscle mass growth actually happens.

During training, the intense strain on the muscles causes them rip open on a tiny scale. Later, when the body is resting, the natural healing process fills up these gaps with more muscle tissue. This process is helped significantly by Nitric Oxide.