This is a review for Animal Stak which is an anabolic hormone stack. It claims to boost testosterone levels as well as increase the appearance of your muscles. It also claims to increase levels of energy and strength and helps build muscles naturally. Keep reading to find out more.





  • Natural Test Complex 1000 mg
  • Growth Hormone Secretogogues 300 mg
  • Vasodilator Complex 750 mg
  • Aromatase Inhibitors 200 mg
  • DHT Blockers 475 mg
  • Liver Detoxifiers 250 mg
  • Cortisol Inhibitor Complex 300 mg
  • Vitamins B6, C, zinc, and magnesium

There is no mention of allergens or gelatin or lack thereof. This may possibly make this product unsuitable for consumers with allergies or special dietary requests.


The manufacturer’s website states that you if you are training that day you must take this product approximately 30 minutes before you work out. It is imperative that you take this supplement on an empty stomach and in between meals. It is also noted on the website that you must take it for three weeks straight and then take one week off. The information that was lacking was how many tablets to consume daily and how long each bottle of this product will last you for.

Possible Side Effects

According to the manufacturer’s website, there are no known side effects when taking this product. The website does caution users to contact their doctor if they are concerned about of any of the ingredients in Animal Stak.


The current price for Animal Stak is $32.95.


There are no money-back guarantees or warranties stated on the manufacturer’s website which is quite concerning.


Animal Stak is designed to help users build their muscles naturally during work out. It claims to balance out the user’s anabolic hormones that create muscle mass safely and naturally.

This product claims to have other significant benefits for users. It claims to be able to optimize the user’s metabolic rate so they have a productive workout. The manufacturer’s website also states that ingredients such as Tribulus Extract Complex and Macuna Pruriens Extract has the ability to regulate the user’s hormones naturally and effectively.

Many current users have stated that it makes them more aggressive in the gym but also makes them feel fatigued at the end of the day. The significant growth-inducing hormones may be what causes the fatigue. Moreover, the manufacturer’s website does not list any money-back guarantee for their product which may turn some potential customers in other directions. If they offered a money-back guarantee this would boost sales tremendously.

Animal Stak may be an effective product, but with a side effect like fatigue and its lack of a manufacturer guarantee makes us uncomfortable recommending it to our readers.

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