In this review of Myonox XPI, we will write up all the facts that will help you get to know this supplement. This way you can make the best decision for your health. Let’s take a look at Myonox.


Myonox uses a variety of ingredients to help you gain muscle, such as:

  • L-Glutamine (an amino acid that improves metabolism)
  • Arginine Alpha-KetoGlutarate, which helps blood flow through your muscles
  • Creatine, a well known muscle builder

There are also other, non-active ingredients, such as calcium silicate, which keeps it in powder form, or sucralose, which makes it sweeter. Although they do explain what the ingredients do on the website, they don’t seem to include descriptions of what they are or where they come from, which means that they might be synthesized chemicals from a laboratory. The supplement is by no means damaging, but if you try to avoid chemicals this is something for you to watch out for.


The suggested dosage of Myonox is one serving taken with water, taken once a day. It should be used as part of a regimen with exercise and a healthy diet for maximum results.


One tub of Myonox can be bought for $59.95. Since each tub contains about 30 servings, this works out to be about two dollars per serving. You can also buy at in a larger amount, where each tub turns out to be around fifty dollars. The price per serving stays around two dollars per serving, however. This is on the moderately expensive side for muscle-building supplements.


The manufacturers of Myonox have a three-month money back guarantee on their product. This is a pretty long guarantee, especially considering that they say that most people see results within the first week. In order to get this guarantee, you must send in the partially-used bottle as well as any unused bottles that you received (if you purchased in bulk) and you will get a refund, minus shipping and handling.


Myonox is a pretty good muscle gain product. It’s a bit more expensive than some, but it contains many different ingredients that will help you build muscle in a safe way. Additionally, they have a 90-day guarantee for a full refund, so you don’t have to worry about losing money if this product doesn’t work out for you. However, the website is very vague regarding the ingredients that go into their supplement, so you may not be getting an all-natural product if that’s important to you. If you want something that’s organic, you should probably find a different product for your muscle-gain needs.

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