This is a review for Universal Nutrition Animal Line: Packs, for the Animal Pump supplement. The manufacturer, Universal Nutrition, claims that Animal Pump uses a unique formula to bring users the most potent creatine doses. Universal Nutrition also states on the products website that this supplement contains NO Blast Complex, a blend of NO product antioxidants, cell volumizers along with the creatine dose. It works by kick starting the anabolic process through the volumization of cells. Read on to find out more about the ingredients, dosage and price of this product.


This product contains the following ingredients

Vitamin C

• Selenium

• Creatine MagnaPower

• Tricreatine Matric (TCM)

• Creapure

• Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

• Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

• Citrulline Malate

• L-Carnosine

• L-Norvaline

• Methylxanthine Complex

• Evodiamine

• Vinpocetine

• Grapeseed Extract

• N-Acetyl Cysteine

• Green Tea Extract

• Na-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

• Taurine

• Ginger Root

• Cinnulin PF

• Fenugreek Extract

• Bioperine

The daily values of these ingredients have not been noted. These ingredients reportedly work together to form a NO Blast Complex, an Energy Rush Complex, a NO product antioxidant and cell volumizers, along with creatine. We could not find any information on whether this product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, or whether it contains allergens.


Although dosage is not specifically stated on the website, these supplements are produced in packs and one serving is the same as a pack. One pack contains a variety of supplements for your workout needs, according to the product’s manufacturer.

Possible Side Effects

We could not find any information on the possible side effects of this supplement. Therefore those buyers who are pregnant or nursing individuals, and those on previous medication should consult a doctor before using Animal Pump. In addition to this, consult a doctor if you are on any medication already.


The price of this product is listed as $68.95 dollars for 30 packs of Animal Pump. This will presumably cover the buyer’s needs for one month, if the daily dosage is one pack a day. Each pack is approximately $2.3.


We could only find a vague money-back guarantee in the FAQs on the manufacturer’s website for this product; this may raise some red flags for users who would like more details about the option to return this pack. The product can only be purchased in bulk, 30 packs at a time.


Universal Nutrition Animal Line Animal Pump is a supplement pack made up of creatine, NO Blast Complex, antioxidants, cell volumizers and Energy Rush Complex. The manufacturer claims that this product contains a variety of supplements to help bodybuilders as well as strength and endurance athletes. However, the product can only be purchased in bulk (30 packs for almost $69) and there is a vague money-back guarantee for the product. Buyers may be wary of this, as they may have no option to return the product should it not deliver on its promises. We would recommend that you do more research in order to find the perfect pack for you.

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