The following review was conducted on Shred Test to determine whether or not it is a quality product or not. Shred Test claims to present an all natural ingredient formula. Shred Test is suposed to help you build more muscle mass, while sustaining a healthier life. Improvements in your sexual drive and over muscle recovery are claimed as well. They designed this product to be taken in a capsule form. You can purchase this product only online.


  • Tribulus Terrestris – A supposedly “testosterone booster” herbal substance that will help boost your sex drive, increase your muscle mass, and maintain your moods
  • Horney Goat Weed – Contains “natural” chemicals and phytoestrogens used to help increase your blood flow to increase your sexual abilities.
  • Fenugreek Extract – Claims to promote better health by increasing your masculinity, libido, and sexual drive


Shred Test instructs you to take its supplement under the following conditions. You should be eating a well balanced diet, have a full work out routine, and then you are instructed to take two capsules “30 minutes immediately after exercise” Which is very confusing.


Shred Test offers a free test trial bottle of their product on their website. However when you order a 30 day supply of Shred Test it is currently offered at $4.95 with you only paying the shipping fee first. Then your first monthly cycle bill of $94.95 with begin on the 18th of the month and at the end of every month after that. They offer a monthly subscription too, with comes along with automatic shipping.


Shred Test manufacturers give you an 18 day period to find out if Shred Test is for you, if for any reason you are not satisfied and want to cancel you may do so immediately, and it its before those first 18 days you can return your shred test trial bottle that to cancel your charge and membership. As we can see though, you  will only cancel your overall membership, there is no mention of a money back policy. The shipping wait time that you can expect from this about 3-5 days.


Shred Test seems to offer you a muscle and energy booster with what they claim are only all natural ingredients. You can find customer reviews that are really negative.  There are some serious issues trying to cancel membership with their auto-shipping feature and there is no money back guarantee for this dietary supplement either. With so many products guaranteeing results with a money back guarantee [and better customer service in general] it is unlikely Shred Test actually can help you increase your sex drive, build muscle mass, and improve your overall health.

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