This review is about Sheer Strength NO2 – Nitric Oxide Booster, a dietary supplement that claims to be the best Nitric Oxide supplement on the market, and boasts itself as the only Nitric Oxide supplement to be backed up by science, not hype, and yet, their website’s description has the least amount of scientific explanation of all the products we reviewed. Sheer Strength NO2 – Nitric Oxide Booster claims to boost endurance and energy levels through the use of Nitric Oxide. Read on to find out what we learned.


These are just a few of the ingredients used in Sheer Strength NO2 – Nitric Oxide Booster, however the other ingredients or the amounts of each in the formula is unknown, as their site doesn’t show the product label, nor can it be found elsewhere. All other manufacturers make their product label readily available on their websites, however the fact that is isn’t the case here suggests that the manufacturer has something to hide.


There is no dosage information on the information site or on the store site for this product. Once again, this is information that all other supplement manufacturers make readily available for the convenience of their customers, however, while keeping the ingredients under wraps may serve some sort of purpose, there is absolutely no point in not sharing dosage information. It can be assumed, however, that pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid it, and that you should consult a medical professional before use if you’re taking any other medicine. In truth, however, the best choice would be to avoid this product all together.

Possible Side Effects

In a recurring trend, no information regarding side effects is available. Since the exact formula is unknown, you should make sure to check with a doctor.


One bottle of Sheer Strength NO2 – Nitric Oxide Booster is priced at $49.99.  The amount of pills in each bottle is unknown. In any case, this is extremely expensive in comparison to some of the other Nitric Oxide supplements we have reviewed.


Possibly the only redeeming feature of this product is the 100% refund guarantee offered up to 60 days after purchase, however it is stated that the manufacturer has the right to deny any refund request.


Sheer Strength NO2 – Nitric Oxide Booster may seem like an effective product based on the grandiose descriptions on their marketing-oriented website, but buyer beware the sale-pitch the manufacturer uses to hook potential customers. There is a very limited amount of information regarding the formula, but what little we can know already shows that the competitors are far ahead of Sheer Strength. The product also costs significantly more than the average price of Nitric Oxide supplements on the market today. The only redeeming quality, it seems, of this particular supplement is its 60-day money-back guarantee, however that sin’t enough to make up for the extensive secrecy the manufacturer employs.

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