This review will cover the pros and cons of Purus Labs D-Pol, a workout supplement for nitric oxide elevation. The manufacturer claims that this product is the first dual-phasic supplement to act as both a potentiator for nitric oxide and an elevator for testosterone. The manufacturer also claims that this supplement will assist with strength and muscle-building, as well as nutrient delivery and increased virility. Purus Labs also states that D-Pol will help to improve blood flow, delivery of oxygen and optimization of testosterone levels. Read on to find out whether or not Purus Labs D-Pol is a suitable supplement for your needs.


This has these ingredients:

  • D-Aspartic acid
  • Vitamin B
  • Nitrate
  • Vitamin D
  • Cofactors for Vitamin D
  • Silicified microcrystalline cellulose
  • Stearic acid
  • Carbopol
  • Fumed silica

The manufacturer’s website states the D-Aspartic acid will play a role in testosterone elevation, while vitamin B, vitamin D and other supporting vitamins will work together to improve blood flow and testosterone. Vitamin D has also demonstrated an increase in total testosterone levels. Nitrate, meanwhile, works to increase nitrite levels and lower oxygen costs while exercising. The manufacturer also notes that nitrate may improve nutrient absorption.


The manufacturer recommends that consumers take 3 tablets of Purus Labs D-Pol supplement, preferably accompanying a pre-workout meal. This dosage should also ideally be taken with a mixed food meal. The product also comes in two different forms, tablet or custard-flavored powder.

Possible Side Effects

We could not find any possible side effects listed on the website for this product, which may worry some users. We suggest consulting a doctor before use for potential buyers who are already on medication, nursing or pregnant, or suffering from medical conditions.


Purus Labs D-Pol is sold as both a tablet and as a powder. The price of this product is listed as $54.95 on the website. Each pack contains thirty servings, or ninety tablets.


Purus Labs offers a complete refund policy in case of customer dissatisfaction, but the product can only be exchanged. In addition to that, products can only be exchanged within 30 days, and original tags must be included in the returned package. This may be of some concern to potential buyers.


According to Purus Labs, D-Pol is a testosterone elevator and a nitric oxide potentiator. The manufacturer of the product claims that the product will bolster muscle mass, rejuvenation and recovery. The website also claims that Purus Labs D-Pol will assist consumers with achieving longer exercise times, along with avoiding fatigue. The supplement is also purported to increase sexual drive and desire. Although the product seems to be reasonably priced, the return policy only allows for exchanges. This, as well as the lack of listed side effects and relatively small servings in a container, may dissuade buyers from purchasing the product. We recommend doing some more research on such supplements in order to learn what suits you best.

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