Let’s take a look at this review of Niteworks from Herbalife Nutrition! This product claims to help with muscle gain, vein improvement and overall muscle health. We’re reviewing this supplement so you can learn some information about what this product is before you buy it.


Niteworks contains a lot of amino acids that help stimulate production of nitric oxide, such as L-Arginine and L-Citruline. There are also several vitamins, such as folate (a type of B Vitamin) and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), which help your body to absorb and process the amino acids. Aside from these, there are other ingredients, such as:

These are to make the product more appealing to eat, as well as to keep it as a powder.


Herbalife Nutrition, the manufacturers of Niteworks, suggest a dosage of two scoops mixed into an 8-oz glass of water, sparkling water, or juice. For best results, drink at night, preferably just before you go to bed.


Since Herbalife Nutrition does not sell this product directly from their website, prices for this product will vary depending on where you buy it. We found a 300 gram size for $81.85. Since a serving is approximately 10 grams, a tub should last you around one month, meaning that one serving costs approximately $2.72. This is on the more expensive side of things, although you may be able to find this product cheaper elsewhere if you look.


Herbalife Nutrition offers a 30-day guarantee on their products. If you are not satisfied with their products, you have one month to send it back and get a full-refund. Although it’s great that they have a guarantee for their products, one month is not necessarily a long enough time to decide whether or not the product is working out for you. It would be awful if you were deciding that your product didn’t work just as your guarantee ran out, and you were out of luck.


Herbalife Nutitrion Niteworks seems like a great nitric oxide product. They use several different amino acids and vitamins, all of which they have shown to work together to help maximize results. However, the price is very steep, coming in at almost $90 dollars for a one-month supply, and although it’s incredibly expensive, they don’t offer a long-enough guarantee to make it seem like your money is in good hands. If you’d prefer a product with a stronger guarantee and more financial security, you should probably look for a different supplement.

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