This is a review of GNC Beyond Raw Rampant Review. The manufacturers claim that it is made for the ultimate workout. This product, according to its manufacturers is intended to provide the fullest potential of mascularity while energizing all muscle groups, while boosting metabolism. This intense Nitric oxide booster is meant to increase workouts into a full overload of hardcore energy. Apparently, it contains no artificial flavors and is free of all wheat, gluten and dairy. Let us take a look at its ingredients and also evaluate its qualities so that you can decide whether or not it fits your daily supplemental needs.


Beyond Raw Rampant has these ingredients listed on the website:-

  • 80 mg of Chloride- Maintains electrolytes in the body
  • 30 mg of Niacin- Transportation of Blood cells.
  • 801 mg of Anabolic Muscle Primer
  • 1250 mg of ATP Optimizing Creatine Module
  • 2060 mg of N.O. Vasodilation Amplifier
  • 700.05 mg of Muscle Buffering System
  • Thermo Energy Matrix
  • 40 mg of Sodium- Helps in regulation of blood
  • 40 mg of Potassium
  • Dicalcium Phosphate
  • Cellulose– Generates muscle growth


On the website, the manufacturers recommend that you take six pills before you start your workout. They also emphasize that you should not take more than six pills a day.

Possible Side Effects

Consumers are advised not to exceed the recommended dosage. Do not consume caffeine products while taking this product because it already has 200 mg of caffeine in it.

Be warned that this supplement has a chemical in it that, according to the State of California is harmful to women and their reproductive organs and may cause certain defects to unborn children.

If you are to undergo surgery, make sure you stop using this product 2 weeks before.

Those that are pregnant and breastfeeding are cautioned not to use it. So are people who are under 18 years of age.

If you already have a medical condition in your body, you should first seek the advice of a medical professional before considering to consume this product.


Beyond Raw is priced at fifty nine dollars and ninety nine cents with  a hundred and eighty pills per package.


There is no indication that this product has any kind of guarantee.


For the most part, this product seems like a good product. The ingredients, unlike most of it’s counterparts, are acceptable and they make an effort of emphasizing on quality. The instructions are very clear about dosage and everything else they have outlined on the website.

The lack of a guarantee however,  is never a good look for any manufacturer and it speaks volumes to a consumer about the manufacturer’s lack of looking out for their products and those that are buying them.

The side effects are general and very similar to most similar products, but that does not mean that is a good thing. Products should not have side effects that go damaging other parts of the body. For instance; any product that affects a woman’s reproductive organs and her unborn child should be disregarded without further discussion. The chemicals linked to this product are cause for concern because they are life threatening.

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