In this review you will learn that Assault MusclePharm is an No2 supplement that claims to boost your energy and help you shed fat and build muscle faster. In this review we will take a look at what makes up Assault MusclePharm and help you decide if it is a product worth buying.


Assault MusclePharm uses these five different ingredients to help you gain muscle:

  • ATP Amplifier
  • Cellular Transport and Insulin Activator
  • Athlete Performance Blend
  • Energy & Neuro Igniter
  • Hydration System

Although all of these have very unhelpful names, they also include ingredient lists below their names on the label. Each of these is a blend of chemicals (such as L-Glycene and Caffeine) and fruit and plant extracts. There are also other ingredients, such as powders and coloring agents. InformedChoice has even certified that Assault MusclePharm is free of unhealthy substances.


The serving size of Assault MusclePharm is “1 Scoop”, which they estimate at about 14.5 grams. This should be mixed with water approximately half an hour prior to working out.


Assault MusclePharm comes in several different sizes and has a varied price list, from a single serving for $1.49 to a tub of 50 servings for $57.99. This means that a single serving could range from $1.49 to $1.16, which is a reasonable, moderate price for a muscle building supplement.


While looking around the MusclePharm website, we couldn’t find a guarantee for their products. This is troubling, because when you’re trying a product out for the first time, you want to be sure that you have options and a course of action if the product doesn’t work for you. Not having a guarantee might make a customer wonder if the company supports their product, and if they don’t support their product, why should you?


Overall, Assault MusclePharm seems like a good product for your muscle-strengthening needs. They use a wide range of ingredients that serve different purposes as listed above, and the ingredients are not considered harmful and will hopefully not cause any side effects. It also comes at a very reasonable price, with $1.49 for a single serving and $57.99 for a tub of 50 servings. There are a lot of different sizing and flavor options available too, so if you want a specific amount of a specific flavor, it is available to you. However, we couldn’t find a guarantee for their products on the website, and that may turn you away from it for fear you will lose your money on a weak or ineffective product. If you would like a supplement that offers you more financial security, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

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